Is a hands-on Developmental Transition/Life Skills Program designed for Low Functioning Special Needs Students. It provides 348 Lessons in 50 Subject areas that are divided into four primary Skill Modules.  Materials, tools and equipment needed to teach many of the lessons are provided with the program. Also included is a Computerized Mastery/Performance Assessment tool that is linked to each of the lessons. The program is suitable for Special Needs Populations at both Middle and High Schools.

A web based program that provides instruction for 77 different subjects. The program is ideal for Special needs students and provides audio at the click of a button. The subject areas includes employability skills, social skills, financial management skills, consumer education skills, and student issue titles. Companion workbooks are also available.

This is a collection of Programs designed to address Basic Academics, Life Skills, Vocational Transition Skills, Vocational Vocabulary Development, Job Readiness Training and Pre-GED skills. These programs are licensed to individual school sites and both books and CD's may duplicated for an unlimited number of students.