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Talent Assessment, Inc. Products

Below are the Talent Assessment, Inc. products that we offer, click on the links to visit the publisher's page for a full and detailed explanation.


 PAES (Practical Assessment Exploration System) Publisher's Website
PAES is a hands-on Campus Based transition System that provides Training, Assessment, Career Exploration, Work Behavior Development and the Practical Applicaton of Economic Life Skills. It is a complete system that will help Districts comply with the requirements of Indicator 13.


Job Talk Publisher's Website
Focuses on a older students including Middle and High School students as well as adults who function at lower levels of reading and math. Designed for special needs students who need to communicate with the real world.  Emphasis on career and transitioning. 


Waypoint Publisher's Website

A complete Assessment driven Career Planning, Tracking and Management System designed to help                   students develop Career goals and transition from high school to the Post Secondary world. To download an example of a Waypoint report click here

TAP (Talent Assessment Program) Publisher's Website
Talent Assessment Program – Functional Vocational Aptitude Assessment, that requires no reading and can benefit all individuals. TAP is hands on and computer correlated to the best career matches.


PIC Pathfinder Publisher's Website
An affective domain interest assessment which requires no reading. The PIC Pathfinder program measures career interest by using Live Action Videos of REAL LIFE work scenes, instead of paper and pencil tests. PIC Pathfinder is an excellent assessment for School-to-Career Transition Programs and can be used by all students, including special populations. 


VIP & VIP JR (Vocational Implications of Personality) Publisher's Website
Personality plays an important role in determining future success and satisfaction in the workplace. VIP and VIP Jr. are a comprehensive assessment of an individual's unique personality traits. Then VIP helps them see how they fit into the working world.


Money Manager Publisher's Website
A Comprehensive Behavior Management program integrated throughout the entire classroom curriculum for Elementary, Middle, High School and Special Populations. Money Manager provides a unique approach for integrating positive behaviors in the classroom while teaching money management skills and responsibility for one’s actions.